About Us

Welcome to B2B Digital Marketing Agency Clarna – where innovation meets practical results! Based in the vibrant economies of Ukraine and Poland, we are an international agency with a global mindset and a local touch, providing unparalleled digital marketing services to Product & Service Companies from IT Industry around the world.

Global Footprint with Local Expertise

With strategic locations in Ukraine and Poland, Clarna taps into the dynamic, tech-savvy talent pool available in these burgeoning markets. This geographical positioning allows us to understand and navigate the diverse business landscapes of Europe and beyond, crafting digital marketing solutions.

Industry Thought Leadership

In addition to our hands-on services, we are proud to contribute to the industry dialogue through our top-rated business podcast. Our podcast is a trove of insights, featuring discussions with some of the brightest minds in the business, marketing, and tech spheres. Each episode is designed to provide practical advice, strategies, and tools to help businesses thrive in today’s digital landscape.

Our Philosophy

At Clarna, we champion a culture of entrepreneurship within our ranks, with a foundational belief that effective marketing is a blend of solid theory and hands-on practice. While we deeply value collaboration, continuous learning, and agility in the ever-evolving digital landscape, it’s our commitment to practical experience that truly sets us apart.

We don’t merely propose marketing theories – we put them to the test. With a rich history of launching and growing various startups — from e-commerce and digital products to media enterprises and B2B services — we’ve navigated the entrepreneurial journey firsthand. This wealth of practical knowledge and experience informs our holistic approach to client service.

Working with Clarna isn’t just about outsourcing your digital marketing needs. Instead, envision a partnership where we become an extension of your team, immersing ourselves in understanding your business, industry nuances, and unique objectives. Through this deep connection, we craft tailored strategies not only aligned with your specific goals but also reflective of your brand’s identity and values.

Join Us on a Journey of Growth

Ready to transform your digital marketing strategy? Let’s start with a FREE 1 hour Digital Marketing Consultation! During this insightful and inspiring 60-minute session, our seasoned digital marketing director consultant will navigate through the distinctive terrain of your business, uncovering concealed opportunities and identifying zones ready for improvement.

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