Digital Marketing Strategy for a Design Company

Digital Marketing Strategy for a Graphic Design Company

In the sea of creativity, a graphic design company with a flair for unique designs struggled to showcase its prowess and get the recognition it deserved. Half a year down the line, the tables turned. They saw a 130% increase in portfolio views, doubled their client inquiries, and dominated the first page of search results for their niche services. Intrigued by their transformative journey? Let’s unravel the steps of their success.


Despite having a portfolio that was a visual delight, the graphic design company confronted a universal challenge. Amidst a plethora of designers and agencies, their distinctive designs and solutions were fading into the background. The absence of a marketing team only deepened the chasm between their offerings and their target audience. Not having a cohesive pricing strategy further compounded their positioning issues in the market.


Recognizing their needs, we stepped in not only to craft a tailored marketing approach but also to guide them in hiring the right marketing personnel. We provided comprehensive training, ensuring their newly-formed team was well-versed in modern marketing dynamics. Amidst the digital cacophony, we aided them in emphasizing their uniqueness, appropriately valuing their services, and forging authentic connections with potential clients. With our tailored intervention and the rolling out of a specially crafted digital marketing strategy:

  • Portfolio views surged by an impressive 130%.
  • Client inquiries through their website doubled.
  • Social media shares and engagement rates soared by 85%.
  • A consistent top-tier ranking for niche design service keywords.
  • An impressive two-fold ROI increase from targeted ad campaigns.


1. Interview with Company Representatives

Our collaboration began with a detailed dialogue with the graphic design company’s leadership. These in-depth discussions revealed the company’s ambitions, the hurdles they faced, and the vision they held for the future. Gaining this perspective was essential to ensure a marketing strategy for a graphic design company that echoed their ethos.

2. Defining Company Positioning

Upon understanding their core, we shifted to crystallize their market positioning. Engaging workshops, creative brainstorming sessions, and industry analyses were employed to carve out the company’s Unique Design Proposition (UDP). The mission was to crisply answer: “What’s our design philosophy, and who’s our ideal client?”

3. Defining Customer Personas

With a clear positioning in hand, the next step was to conceptualize the customer personas. Leveraging insights from their past clients, market studies, and analytics, we crafted vivid profiles of their dream clients, focusing not just on demographics but their design preferences, online behaviors, and business needs.

4. In-depth Interviews with Customer Personas

These personas then paved the way for focused interviews. Engaging individuals who matched these profiles provided real, tangible insights into what potential clients sought from a graphic or even a web design company, their pain points, and how our client could bridge that gap.

Customer Profile Example

Customer Profile Example

5. Competitor Analysis

The dynamic world of design demands a keen eye on one’s peers. Our squad carried out a meticulous competitor audit, analyzing their design portfolios, client reviews, digital strategies, and market positioning. This was not merely to gauge the competition but to unearth untapped opportunities and avenues for differentiation.

Competitor Analysis Example

Competitor Analysis Example

6. Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Armed with a wealth of insights, it was time to architect the digital strategy. A holistic plan was charted out, intertwining the graphic design company’s unique strengths with the market gaps we’d identified. From curating a content showcase to strategizing targeted ads and establishing performance KPIs, every facet was meticulously planned.


Our strategic approach enveloped a range of top-tier channels optimal for marketing of a design company. By synergizing content showcases, paid promotional campaigns, vibrant social media showcases, and a series of cutting-edge automated lead generation channels, we plotted a powerful trajectory for the graphic design company’s digital ascendancy.


“Partnering with Clarna Agency was a game-changer for our graphic design firm. Not only did they amplify our online presence, but their insights also helped us craft a pricing strategy that truly reflects the value we bring. Their expertise transformed our challenges into a success story!”

Jane, CEO

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