Digital Marketing Strategy for IT Company

Digital Marketing Strategy for IT Company

In the intricate landscape of IT solutions, this IT Company, a rising star with unmatched potential, found themselves eclipsed by more prominent names. Yet, in just eight months, they were charting a 150% growth in client engagements, a twofold ROI from their campaigns, and prominent visibility in industry-related searches. Curious about their transformative ascent? Let’s uncover the elements of their success.


While IT Company was a hub of innovation and technical expertise, they encountered barriers in effectively broadcasting their narrative. Operating with a small marketing team, they faced limitations in broadening their outreach. Furthermore, a limited grasp of intricate digital marketing nuances meant their standout solutions often failed to capture the desired attention in a competitive realm. Amidst these challenges, they were fervently searching for a systematic approach to streamline their marketing efforts. Yet, their messaging wasn’t hitting the mark, and they found themselves adrift without a coherent marketing strategy to guide them.


Post our collaborative efforts and the infusion of a specialized digital marketing approach:

  • Client interactions through the website and other platforms soared by 150%.
  • ROI from ad campaigns saw an impressive twofold hike.
  • Engagement metrics across social media platforms boosted by 90%.
  • Prominent rankings on the first page for numerous industry-centric keywords.
  • Remarkable brand recognition within the IT community.


1. Interview with Company Representatives

Our initial step was to engage intimately with Company’s core team. Deep dives into their aspirations, challenges, and vision were fundamental. By immersing ourselves into their world, we could design a digital marketing strategy for the information technology company that mirrored their essence.

2. Defining Company Positioning

After aligning on objectives, the critical endeavor of sculpting their market positioning began. Through a blend of workshops and industry analysis, we honed in on their unique technological proposition, answering the quintessential, “What solutions do we offer, and who stands to benefit the most?”

3. Defining Customer Personas

Positioning led us to the next crucial step: conceptualizing customer personas. Based on industry insights, analytics, and their past clientele, we carved out intricate profiles representing their ideal client, digging deep into their requirements, challenges, and decision-making dynamics.

4. In-depth Interviews with Customer Personas

With these personas in hand, we pursued focused interviews with real-world representatives of these archetypes. These conversations offered a wealth of insights, laying bare the true needs and pain points of clients seeking IT solutions.

Customer Profile Example

Customer Profile Example

5. Competitor Analysis

A thorough understanding of the IT landscape necessitates competitor reconnaissance. We dissected the strategies, online presence, and client feedback of peers to not just measure up but to discover latent opportunities for Company to capitalize on.

Competitor Analysis Example

Competitor Analysis Example

6. Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Equipped with these insights, the formulation of the holistic digital marketing strategy was set in motion. A blend of IT Company’s intrinsic capabilities with the identified market opportunities was crafted, encompassing content planning, targeted ads, and constant strategy refinement metrics.


Our strategic approach enveloped channels ideal for IT outreach. Merging content marketing, specialized ad campaigns, purpose-driven social media promotions, and a slew of automated engagement funnels, we charted a course for Company’s pronounced digital presence. Additionally, recognizing the growing trend and potential reach of auditory content, we assisted them in launching an industry-oriented podcast. This not only positioned them as thought leaders but also provided an avenue to engage with peers, industry experts, and potential clients on a more intimate and informative platform.


When we approached Clarna Agency, we knew our IT solutions had potential, but we were struggling to find our voice in a saturated market. Their team didn’t just give us generic strategies, they took the time to understand our essence and tailored a plan that felt uniquely ours. Now, not only is our online presence strong, but we truly resonate with our audience. It feels like we’ve found our tribe, all thanks to the dedication and insight from these guys!

Liam, CEO

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