Digital Marketing Strategy for Web Development Company

Bespoke Digital Marketing Strategy for a Web Development Company

In the digital realm, a web development company, with its expertise in creating seamless online experiences, found itself in a paradox. Although they were masters at developing websites for others, they grappled with marketing their own brand. Amid a sea of similar agencies, their exceptional solutions risked being overshadowed. The turning point? An invigorated marketing strategy that propelled them from obscurity to industry frontrunners in less than a year.


The web development company had more than just coding acumen – they were visionaries, constantly evolving with the digital world. Yet, they encountered hurdles:

  • Market Saturation: The sheer number of competitors meant their voice was often lost.
  • Misaligned Messaging: Their unique value propositions weren’t clearly defined and reaching the right audiences.
  • Digital Marketing Novices: Their in-house team, while experts in web development, lacked expertise in the intricate dance of digital marketing.


Post-strategic intervention:

  • A significant boost in website traffic, attributing to high-quality content and SEO strategies.
  • Client acquisition rate jumped by 90%.
  • Social media engagement rates doubled.
  • Achieved top-tier rankings on search engine results for high-volume industry-specific keywords.
  • A whopping increase in ROI from online advertising campaigns.


1. Deep Dive with Company Representatives

Right from the onset, our team recognized the importance of truly understanding the intricacies of the web development domain. To this end, we plunged into an intensive collaboration phase with the key figures from the web development company. This wasn’t just a cursory meeting – it was a series of comprehensive discussions where we not only grasped their current standing, aspirations, and hurdles but also gained insights into the nuances that made their business unique.

2. Crafting a Resonant Positioning Statement

In a world where every entity claims to be the best, differentiating oneself becomes paramount. Recognizing this, we transitioned to the pivotal phase of defining the company’s true essence. Collaboratively, we sculpted a narrative that was both potent and precise, resonating with the core question: “In this vast web development universe, what makes our offerings distinct and who stands to benefit the most from them?”

3. Customer Persona Development

It’s said that successful marketing is all about saying the right thing to the right person at the right time. And so, with the brand’s core message solidified, our next expedition was into the realm of the audience. We didn’t just want generic templates – we sought fully-realized, detailed customer personas that would act as the north star for all subsequent marketing endeavors.

4. In-depth Interviews with Customer Personas

But developing personas was only half the equation. The real gold lay in engaging with real-world representatives who fit the archetypes of our crafted personas. Through comprehensive interviews, we sought to understand their aspirations, challenges, and perceptions relating to web development services. It was this on-ground intelligence that empowered us to fine-tune the web development company’s positioning, ensuring it was not only distinctive but also deeply relevant to potential clients.

Customer Profile Example

Customer Profile Example

5. Competitor Landscape Analysis

In the dynamic realm of web development, it’s crucial to not only understand one’s strengths but also to gauge where others stand. To this end, we embarked on an exhaustive examination of the competitive landscape. We dissected the marketing strategies, service offerings, and client feedback of competing entities. But our goal was more than just understanding competitors; it was about identifying gaps and niches that the web development company could exploit for an unmatched edge.

Competitor Analysis Example

Competitor Analysis Example

6. Strategizing the Digital Approach

The knowledge gleaned from the competitor analysis, coupled with the rich insights from our earlier engagements, paved the way for our strategy phase. This wasn’t about a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we devised a bespoke digital marketing roadmap, one that synergized the web development company’s inherent capabilities with the unexplored opportunities within the digital ecosystem.

6. Training the In-house Team

One of the best investments a company can make is in its people. Recognizing the raw potential of the company’s in-house marketing ensemble, we curated a tailored training curriculum. Focused on both the fundamentals and the nuances of digital marketing, this training aimed to equip the team with the latest tools, tactics, and techniques. As they embarked on their digital journey, they were now not only motivated but also methodically armed to make a tangible difference.


Our custom-designed strategy seamlessly integrated best-performing channels suited for web development outreach. This included a harmonized blend of content marketing, targeted advertising, strategic social media promotions, and automated lead engagement funnels. Additionally, we identified key industry events and forums for the company to establish its thought leadership.

With a renewed focus and a strategic compass, the web development company was not just ready but poised to conquer its industry, one well-coded website at a time.


“When we first approached Clarna Agency, we were a bit skeptical given our past experiences with other agencies. But, from our initial interaction, they set themselves apart. Their approach to understanding our web development business was thorough and enlightening.

The team at Clarna Agency took the time to immerse themselves in our world, diving deep into our challenges, goals, and aspirations. The in-depth interviews they conducted with our customers were a game-changer, revealing insights we hadn’t even considered.

To any business searching for a genuinely transformative marketing strategy, Clarna Agency is the partner you need. They don’t just deliver a strategy, they ensure you’re equipped to execute it. Thanks to the team for their exceptional work!”

Jason, CMO

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